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2GB bonus data not added to plan

  • 9 January 2021
  • 2 replies

I signed up for a new contract with Koodo with a black Friday promotion of 2GB + 2GB of BONUS data. I see nowhere on my add-ons , usage, or my bill the bonus data. Before I placed my order I noticed the bonus date did not show in the cart so I scheduled a call back. The agent assured me she could see the 2GB of bonus data on her end for a total of 4GB. I just realized when I got a text that I’ve used 50% of my 2048MB of data this cycle. I l double checked self serve and no where does it show the 4 gb I should have (2GB + 2GB bonus).

2 replies

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@dbren It looks like you received a call earlier tonight and one of our reps was able to help you out. Thanks for your understanding!

Resolved, thank you.