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$28 advertised plan appears as $35 plan in Self Service

I'm interested in switching my current plan to the "$28 Lightweight" plan. However, when I go into Self Serve to change the plan the only plan with the same details is "CAN Data 50MB 200 min $35." Can anyone explain why this price difference is appearing for me? I'd be grateful for any and all help/assisstance. Thanks!

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That is because it is a SIM ONLY plan, in order to have it your tab must be at 0 and be changed to SIM ONLY, if your tab is at 0 or positive call customer care and they will set it to SIM ONLY for you, if there is a negative tab balance you must wait until it reaches 0 or do a tab payoff 🙂
That perfectly answers my question. Thanks so much! 🙂