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2¢ per additional MB overage

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The only think holding me back from switching from my older $30 plan to the $35 plan is the overage. I get that Koodo's deals are already awesome, and I get that they got to make money, but I love the freedom of paying for the overage I use and not having to be cynical about approaching my cap. Not that $5/250MB is unreasonable, it's just the idea of going over by a couple of MB and paying $5 instead of less than a dime would really frustrate me.

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I think that that $5/250 MB is unreasonable. But, as it amounts to $0.02/MB, that wouldn't be unreasonable for pay-per-use charges, so you've got a point there. I'd say that Koodo should implement your idea and keep the current add-on scheme, but with a $10/GB price.