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2 day switch

I switched to wind because I got a surprise bill from koodo. Switched to wind mobile but must say wind reception is crap. Voice cutting in and out during calls.Switching back to koodo already.

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Good to hear! Keep a close eye on the "Account Detail" section of the Koodo bill. That will show you any charges that would be out of the ordinary. Welcome Back!
I hear this more and more everyday. People thinking Wind is a good idea then realizing they're garbage. You are always going to get a bill, so always review it when it's ready.
Yeah. need to switch to a better koodo plan too. Wind reception was sketchy in Newmarket and calls were choppy. Only benefit I see now is the data added on to plan with wind.
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You think Wind is bad? Mobilicity doesn't even work in its hometown of Vaughan/Woodbridge! Heck, they don't even have service in certain stores across the street from their head office!