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10gb - $60 Promo

I tried calling to switch my plan to the 10gb for $60 promo, unfortunately the call didn't go through due to high call volumes (understandable). I tried calling back a few times but nothing. Is there any other way to switch the plan? Really sucks that we can't switch this ourselves via self serve :/ 

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I have tried everything recommended: Calling, In-store, facebook message. Indeed, Koodo reps are telling me to sign up with another provider. You say that it is "understandable" that your call did not go through. I disagree. If Koodo had effective management, they would have predicted that internal folks will want to switch to this great promo and set it up via self serve or at least allow us to change in store. This is poor management, plain and simple and we should take our business elsewhere.
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https://mobilesyrup.com/2017/12/18/support-lines-go-quiet-due-to-massive-response-to-6010gb-promotions-from-canadian-carriers/ It's happening across all carriers. You best bet is to sign up as a new customer at a kiosk or to sign up with a new provider
Yeah, I was on hold with them for 2 hours. Got excited that my call went through! But then the automated message came on saying they were too busy and my call was dropped. Sigh. Been with Koodo for seven years, hope it works out. What a shame. 

UPDATE: Got through. The customer service rep was a gem! But the department was closed now. She made a note on my file to have them call me in the morning. Fingers crossed I still get it 🙂
That's what they said to me that the loyalty department was closed but he filled out a form and sent it to them so I should be expecting a call between 48 and 72 hours but that I will get the plan but I have to pay off my tab