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1000 LD Minutes not appearing in add-ons

Hi, my name is David Gong, phone # ending in 3561. I just signed up for the $55 8 GB plan today, but when I log into self serve, I don't see the 1000 LD minutes that should be included in the offer. Can you assist?

I also don't see the mention of the $10 off for 12 months anywhere in the online self serve, even though the sales rep mentioned it was an promotion that Koodo was still doing until Jan 3rd. Can you also double check that the sales rep applied the $10 off for 12 months bring your own phone discount appropriately as well?

I've already sent this message through facebook, but I don't think posting it to the community would hurt. I've heard of some atrociously long wait times to get a CSR on the phone.

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Hi David, when did you sign up. Sometimes it takes 48 hours before features appear on your online My Account. However, it may take up to a full billing cycle before all features and discounts are finalized on your account. (where they will appear) if you want to be exactly sure right now, I would call up and wait till you get a client care rep. To confirm. Or just wait till your billing cycle ends. If that is the plan and features you signed up for, you will get it!
I signed up today, but thank you. I will keep checking.
Everything has been resolved via facebook, thank you.