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$10 Promotion discount not shown online account

  • 29 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I went to Best Buy in Alberta on Dec 22 to shop for new cell service provider with my own unlock device.  I switched to Koodo because of a $10 promotion discount for 6 months on the $35 Unlimited Canada Wide talk plan, which means $25/month for first 6 months.  After signed on the Koodo Self Service, I don't see the $10 discount on my account.  Any ideas why?  Appreciate for your help.

2 replies

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Because it is a special, short-time promotion, it is not automatically added, and will show up on your bill in 2 - 3 billing periods, and last 12 months.

Hi David,  Thank you for your quick reply.  I will check my invoice then.  Happy New Year to you.