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10 GB plan for 60 $ Bell, Rogers, Fido.

Hi, I have a question regarding my plan, I went to Rogers, Fido, Bell on this weekend and they offer me a plan 10 GB data unlimited calls,messages for 60 $. Can you switch me to something like that?Because I'm paying too much now for my 6GB of data.

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koodoo had the same plan on the website too..it's removed. i'd call and check. pretty sure they will match i. 
First day I was on hold so long that they closed their office and told me to call back today. I asked if they could call me, and they said no. 

So I called today. 2 hours on hold later (and several automatic hangups) and I'm told by an automated message that they're too busy to help me. Tell me that at the START of the call next time. 

I've sent them a message on twitter and told the rep last night that if I don't speak to retention I'm going to switch. Only been a customer for a month and I already hate this company.
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Just switch. Apparently the only way for existing Koodo customers to get this plan is to get in touch with loyalty and retentions, which is basically impossible as their phone system hangs up on you once you have been on hold for 2 hours and the cue to talk to loyalty and retentions is much longer than 2 hours. Porting your number to another carrier takes 10 minutes. All the carriers are basically the same now anyway... Koodo really screwed up on this one.
ive been koodo customer for past 7 years and the loyalty said they can "upgrade" me to 6bg for $59/mo, r u kidding me? for new customers is $60 for 10bg, so i created a new account, got the 10gb plan, but now trying to reach koodo to cancel my old plan and transfer my number to the new one. Not sure why I had to go this complicated way. It is the same thing, so I dont understand why the loyalty rep couldnt just switch me. Yes, Koodo really screwed up on this one.
Its the same for all providers, new signups only.
Rogers is for existing members also, just need to switch plans to get the deal... I switched to Rogers as Koodo and there so called customer service has really gone down hill...