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Zagg Invisibleshields

Koodo should sell Zagg's Invisibleshields instead of the actual screen protectors, zagg's are far better quality and its lifetime warranty is a plus.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG these protectors look slick, and the same material that covers helicopter rotors, definately worth the extra cash.
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Hey Gabriel, I can't promise anything but I'll pass this along and if we decide to carry these, we will let everyone know 🙂.
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I suggested they carry iSheildz about a month ago and they are an even better option, they are created from a military grade material that is also used to protect helicopter blades from knicks & dings. A great investment at about $25 http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/koodo_needs_to_carry_some_quality_accessories_for_the_phones_they_sell
I've had a better experience with Zagg's one although the iShields would be an upgrade too. I think customers would like them better since if installed properly, they hardly peel off or have any bubbles in them.
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Bought a Zagg for my S2X, not a fan personally. Don't like the feel, the look, and it scratched. I know it's under warranty, but the scratch came about pretty weakly. I was left disappointed overall considering the investment. I don't intend to cast aspersions on all their products. This is one person's experience from only one of their products. But, I'll probably try something else next time.
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Humberto Giambrone wrote:

Bought a Zagg for my S2X, not a fan personally. Don't like the feel, the look, and it scratched. ...

I feel the same way. Got one back with my iPhone 3GS and my iPhone 4, both were done early on and I swore off them. Tried ghost armour on my iPhone 5 and while I prefer it to the invisible shield even then I don't care for it. I only got it to protect the back/sides from scratching (have a black one) but I'm thinking I'm just gonna go back to a thin case, aside from the couple weeks with the ghost armour I've never had a screen protector on it anyways. To each their own but honestly I don't think they're worth the extra money.