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Wrong tracking number

Hi, I ordered a brand new nexus 6p on Monday. Everything went reasonably well until I tried to use the tracking number that koodo sent me. When I click the link to track, no information on the package come up. When i put the tracking number on the website nothing comes up and canada post says it doesnt exist. I would just like to know what is going on as it has been 6 hours since I have originally received the tracking info. All help is appreciated!!! 
(My order number is HFO8051735)

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You'll need to contact the Web Store for more information on your order. Maybe they gave you the wrong tracking number or the info is not yet available. Are you sure it's Canada Post and not FedEx or UPS?

If there's nothing you can find on FedEx or UPS, you can call them at this number: 1-844-566-3697 (Tuesday to Friday 3pm - 9pm EST)

You can also email them at this address: koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com

Hope that helps 🙂
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Give it a day or a few hours. It will update. Tracking numbers are created when the company puts in for a shipping label. And its automatically sent out to the customer. So it doesnt mean its not legit. It will update likely in 24 hours or before that.
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I think you'd be better off contacting the webstore about this. We don't have access to your order here. Try emailing them below. "For questions about your order email us at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com – you’ll get a response quickly. Please include your sales order number in your email message. If you want to call us about an order you’ve placed, contact us at 1-844 566-3697 Tuesday through Friday, 3pm to 9pm EST."
alright thanks for the help guys!