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Wrong shipping address on order, sent back to Koodo.

Last Friday I ordered a new phone with a promotion that Koodo was having on the Pixel with Tab Large. Several issues occurred which I will list below. 

1. When filling out the order form online, I was unable to input an updated shipping address. The web form only allowed me to update a billing address or my email. The shipping address field had no "edit" or "update" options. 

2. I placed the order hoping I would be able to call the store and have the address quickly fixed. However, the order was placed at 10am MST, so I had to wait for 3 hours before I could contact the Koodo Web Store. When I did try to call, no one was picking up the phone. 

3. Eventually I called Koodo's general customer service centre to ask for their help. The lady I spoke to said that she would communicate with the Web Store about updating the shipping address. She got a hold of someone at the web store and asked them to update the address. She assured me it had been updated, but said they were unable to send an updated order confirmation email. I asked if she could get the web store person to send an email to me saying that the address had been updated, they said they would do so, but I never received any such email. 

4. On July 31st, Canada Post attempted to deliver the phone to the old, non-updated address. The delivery failed obviously, as I do not live there anymore. Canada Post notified me that the package had been returned to sender (Koodo). 

5. I called Koodo after receiving the notification from Canada Post, but the web store is closed on Monday. The customer service rep told me that apparently the address had been changed but the order was never updated with the new address. 

6. I called the web store yesterday (a Tuesday) and spoke with someone there who said they needed to wait for another person from the inventory department to check the status of the phone, or something...I wasn't really sure to be honest, but they said they would call back and then they never did. 

7. Currently trying to call the web store today but all the lines are busy and they don't have a que. 

So, now I have a renewed contract with Koodo, a $ -500 tab balance, but no new phone. I would really appreciate if this situation was remedied as soon as possible. I am very disappointed with the way Koodo has been handling this situation. I don't think Koodo should have a web store, they're not ready for it apparently. They don't even have "web store" as a related category on this form...

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Hello Hilary,

This is very unfortunate and should've been better handled. What is your order number?
it's HFO18354184
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I will make sure en employee of Koodo gets ahold of your case. Shouldn't be too long!
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Yeah Koodo's webstore is not good if you need to have an exception.

Quick question, was your billing address the new address or the old one?
How did the webstore determine your old address?
My billing address is the old address, I just moved and hadn't updated my info with my bank. I've never seen a online order form where you can't input your own shipping address.
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Hilary wrote:

My billing address is the old address, I just moved and hadn't updated my info with my bank. I've...

I've never seen a online order form where you can't input your own shipping address.

I have many times, and agree it is a PITA. It seems that ever more merchants, or their credit card provider are requiring the delivery address match the credit card address - with no exceptions. I'm finding it more often with USA merchants. However I can also understand that there is a greater risk in shipping to a different address, as the merchant takes all the risk of a bad sale, and the credit card company, none.

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I'm sorry about the experience you had with this order, Hilary.
For security reasons we only allow shipments to be processed using billing address on the account. Exceptions can be made manually if validated by an agent, but it seems like we weren't able to accommodate this in time before the order was shipped out. We will follow-up with the appropriate teams to share the issue.

I can confirm that the re-ship request to the new address has been noted on the order, and as soon as we receive the phone back from Canada Post, it will be sent back out. Apologies for the inconvenience, but you should have your new phone in hand within a few business days.