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wour web sit dont work fery good i try to delete home phone no no longer in service

hum buggggggg still don't how to work this sssss. I am not a wizard

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Can you be a little more specific on the problem so we can help you? Did you mention home phone? Koodo doesn't do home phones
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You have to log onto your Self Serve, click on Billing, then Mailing address. Here you can change your home phone https://d1qy7qyune0vt1.cloudfront.net/koodo-en/attachment/1_inline.bmp
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You have to have a contact number on your account. If you want to delete your home phone, it has to be replaced with another number. It doesn't have to be yours but it has to be a place that if Koodo needs to phone to get ahold of you, it will reach you. Even if its a family members or something like that.
having hard time to log in SO KEEP OLD INFO . that is why I got a cell phone . don't need home phone ......
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The phone number is a required field so you have to put a number there. It will not let you delete the number without replacing it with a new number. And for your privacy I would reccomend deleting your phone number from the previous post. No one on this site will be able to use it to help you so its better to not post it.
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I just put my koodo cell number as the home number