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Would like my online purchase of phone delivered to a Koodo kiosk

Why is it that I can't have the phone that I want to purchase sent to a kiosk for pick up unless I order on phone and lose the promo.

This is ridiculous. In these times UPS is just leaving parcels in the lobby of my apartment building which sometimes poses a problem with thieves.

I've had a parcel stolen already and want to avoid this happening again.  I call and a rep told me losing my promo would be the only way that I can get the phone delivered to a kiosk because they can't do the promo.

Why doesn't the online store give the option to have it sent to a kiosk

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I'd suggest starting a new topic and selecting “idea”for that. What promo is this specifically? Im not sure why a Rep cannot add it after the fact.

The promo is 20 on tab with for 10 off monthly bill for 10 months

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Koodo has it so a signature is needed for the package. They should not be leaving it in your lobby. 

I hope your right. The representative that I spoke should have known that🙄

That was the reason that I called in the first place....jeez...


Thank you