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Worth the switch??

I'm considering switching from Bell to Koodo, with bell I have never had a dropped call, rarely had texts not go through and never had a problem with my internet. Has anyone had any issues in these areas with Koodo? I don't want to switch then wish I never had.

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Nope, my Telus/Koodo service has been great. Same towers, really. It's tough to give you a 100% guarantee because no carrier really can - it's even in their terms of service - but you will be fine. Plus they do offer better value. Bell is forcing everyone to change their plans to upgrade and the minimum requirements are now $50 for a decent and/or older phone and $75 for any premium model.
I'm with Jonathan. I'm coming up on my 3 year anniversary with Koodo, and I've been very happy with the service. Plus, with the plans Koodo offers, you get more bang for your buck compared to Bell (trust me, I've checked...$15-$30 more per month on Bell for what I currently get with Koodo) Customer Service and Kiosk employees are always friendly, and we have this great community of other customers, Mobile Masters and some Koodo Employees to bounce questions off of. (Note, 95% of the people here are other customers like you!)
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Used to be with Wind and had a lot of dropped calls (like more than once an hour). I think it has happened once or twice with Koodo over two years, so I consider that really good. I'm not counting moving out of range of a tower. Never used Bell mobile so I'm not sure I can compare to them.
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Personal experience is that Bell(Virgin)/TELUS(Koodo) is outstanding. Rogers(Fido) is relative trash (not lots of dropped calls necessarily, but weak signal/internet in places where the others stay consistently strong). This is a general statement though, from somebody who lives in Toronto. Location is always important when assessing these things.
I switched from Rogers to Koodo a few weeks ago. With Rogers I had dropped calls, expensive plans, and jerk service. With Koodo I have the exact opposite.
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You can always switch back if the situation comes to that. There are no cancellation fees. If you do get a phone on a tab (subsidy) you only have to pay for the pro-rated amount owing on that Tab (subsidy)