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worldwide texting, calling US

I am new to Koodo, with unlimited text and call Canada wide plan. I have the following questions:
- is texting and calling to US free?
- is texting to other countries free?
- in case I receive international calls, will be charged any fee?

Thank You

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Texting to the anywhere on Earth is free as long as you're in Canada when you do it.

Calls to the USA are not included and can incur additional fees. You can grab a long distance saver add on to lower that cost or use alternative internet based services like Skype to circumvent those costs.

Incoming calls are treated like normal incoming calls as long as you are in Canada when you accept them. There are no additional fees regardless of where they originated.
tnx. does texting includes MMS as well?
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Koorosh wrote:

tnx. does texting includes MMS as well?