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wondering about the walmart koodo share everthing plan.

  • 29 April 2015
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hi i have heard through a few friends that koodo and walmart have partered fro a share everything plan. i was wondering if anyone had any intel on that?

2 replies

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The top-tier companies typically have a share everything, but aimed at the big customers. Don't think you will see anything of that sort for Koodo or PublicMobile soon. In the US, the big push is on family plans (parents, kids, etc) where the usage often balances out teenagers use all the text allotment, mom does all the calling and momand dad try to figure how to pay for it all...
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I was at WalMart on the weekend I believe and visited the cell phone department and spoke to the sales guy specifically about Koodo and he definitely did not mention anything of the sort. I was very unimpressed actually. All the phones on display outlined the old pre April 19th tab details. Further they had no stock. Only Nexus 5, Samsung 5, and iPhones despite having many other less expensive phones on display. Interesting to note that all of the phones I was interested in were in stock for Virgin and Virgin was also matching Koodo's $45 per month deal. Koodo needs to get their ecommerce site back up and functional, it shouldn't be this hard to buy a phone or sim card.