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won't make phone calls (most of the time)

I bought a Moto G a few days ago on a monthly plan (200 mins/mo.) and when I make a call, the call is ended. When I call my partner's phone, sometimes the call is ended, sometimes it goes straight into her voicemail (even though her phone is on and available), and sometimes it properly connects. Does anyone know why this is happening with my new phone?

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Do you have good coverage in your area for Koodo? Is this your first phone with koodo or did you have another phone on Koodo that worked fine?
Good coverage, first phone with Koodo. My partner has the same plan and a moto g as well with no calling issues. I called (using her cell of course) the koodo store where I bought the cell and they suggested bringing it in for repair. They will provide a new phone if that doesn't work. It would be great to avoid all of this however.
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Could also be the SIM card. Maybe ask the kiosk to replace that first before repairing the whole phone.
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I'm not sure why the reps would be suggesting repair, if your Moto G is only a few days old. Bring the phone in, explain the problem and exchange it for a brand new one. You're still well within Koodo's return policy of 15 days. In the meantime, have your partner check the Android version on her phone, (Settings > About Phone) you should do this as well. If it shows 4.4.2 or earlier (e.g. Android version 4.3), an update should clear this problem. The Moto G just received the 4.4.4 Kitkat update. Go to Settings > About phone > System update and allow the Moto G to check for and download the update. There was an issue early on where a number of Moto G's running Android version 4.3 were affected with the dialer/call ending issue and calls would go straight to voicemail. This was resolved with a software update from Motorola.
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Hold on there, on one attempt you were sent directly to your partner's voicemail? and you say she's also with Koodo? If you were sent to voicemail directly that's not your end, it's her's. Since this was just one test it looks to me like there's a network issue that's effecting both of you intermittantly. In that case you should call Tech support (if possible use a line other than your or your partner's cell phone at 1-866-995-6636, option 6) and a knowledgable, patient and handsome representative will look into the problem and escalate it if necessary.