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Wireless Home Phone - no incoming calls on new set-up

No Incoming calls yet? I ported my home phone land line from Bell to Koodo's new offering on Sunday, July 24. I'm using a Panasonic handset (with built-in answering machine). Everything set-up easily enough and I've been able to make outgoing calls -- but incoming calls are not making it through... not even ringing. Is this part of the 48-hour + porting process? Or is this a technical problem? Thanks so much!

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Hello Dana.

Congratulations on being the first customer to ask a question about the landlines home phone. Hope you're going to enjoy the service

Your problem might be a consequence of the 48 hours porting process. Have you ever tried calling yourself? What does it say?

If after 48 hours it's still a problem then I'd say it's a technical problem.

Have a nice day.
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Porting a landline does typically take about two business days, as it does require a technician to go out to the central switching office and actually physically disconnect the wires. Cell phone routing is almost completely computerized, and thus typically completes much faster. If you connect a phone to the landline jack, incoming calls should still ring there until the port is complete.
Timo Tuokkola wrote:

Porting a landline does typically take about two business days, as it does require a technician t...

Thanks so much, Timo! I will check again in a couple of days. Have a great day!
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Hey Dana,

Our Koodo rep has informed us that the port has been completed. Are all the lights on your home phone box turned on? You should see the battery indicator, signal indicator and power indicator. You night also see a flashing voicemail indicator as well.

Are you seeing all those lights on? If not, make sure the box is in the On position, there is a Little switch in the back of it.
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Try powering the Hub off and then on again
Hi Mathieu- yes. All lights are on and green. I even have a full set of bars! Sim is in place and the unit is fully charged. All connections are as they should be, too. All this before I posted my first message this morning. I did just call and the line picked up this time and I was able to leave a message. That didn't happen this morning! Progress 🙂 I assume the handset actually rung... But that confirmation will have to wait a few hours. thanks so much for answering. Everyone has been helpful. Even when the answer is just... Have a little patience, Grasshopper. It helps!
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Okay, Yeah sometimes the porting process can be a Little slow. As Dennis had mentionned, power the device off and even remove the sim card for a few moments. Put it back in and turn it back on. If you got to the voicemail by dialling in, it sounds like your on the right track!
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@ Dana, just called your line and got your voicemail. Looks like things are up and running ok.
Thanks so much, Bernard! Everyone has been so helpful Much appreciated!
Same problem with me. What is the 48 hour porting progress and why can I call out but not receive?
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It can take longer porting a land line number over. Because you have a temporary number so while your number is in the porting process you can make calls. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to send or receive.