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wireless home phone 911 address

I'm keeping my wireless home phone up at my cottage, which is not my billing address.  Do I need to do anything special to ensure the address is correct for 911 purposes?

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With cell services (which is what WHP is underneath the surface), 911 is usually not tied to a billing address on file, Kitarou. The 911 service will either try to locate you using the cell towers, but of course it would be much better to just mention the address in case you need to call them - let's hope it will never come to that 🙂
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You may wish to post a note by your phone giving directions to users as to your address. The usual format would be something like:
In case of emergency, call 911
Speaking slowly & clearly, state:
My name is: {name}
I am calling from <phone number>
I am calling with an {describe emergency}
I am located at <address>, <landmarks or directions>
There will / will not be someone waiting at the driveway to provide further direction to emergency responders.
Or they're in their camper