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Will this phone work on the koodo network?

I'm looking for a cheap phone to take with me when I'm working outside and found this phone on ebay and was wondering if anyone can tell from the specs if it would work on the koodo network? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/F-Fook-F977-Dual-SIM-Flip-GSM-phone-/121828988042?var=&hash=item1c5d92d48aⓂmnHHncc3pQZcOmUTslrU23w

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Koodo doesn't operate a 2G network so it would not work.

Fido and Rogers however do have a 2g network. So it'd work there.

Look for 850/1900 mhz on the Hsdpa/umts/3g bands
and band 4 for LTE (optional) if you want to find a cheap koodo compatiable device.
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Why not this phone? CAD $60 after activation credit.