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Will non-Koodo phone will work on koodo? (ex.phone from Bell)

Currently I have koodo phone and SIM card. If I buy a sony xperia from sony store or Bell, will I be able to put my koddo SIM card in it/ will it work? also will I be still eligible for Tab balance?

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It should work. One problem may be data (using koodo towers to connect to the internet), but I have found that most phones (including the sony xperia) do work on the koodo network. Make sure that the phone is unlocked (not sure if xperia is already unlocked) but that would be a definite bar for it working on any other network (not just koodo). While you are at the store getting the SIM card make sure that everything works - voice, text, and data (make sure wifi is off while you are checking it, as you want to make sure that everything does work first). If there are ANY problems, you can have the store call from there in case the problem is as simple as the SIM card
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The Sony Xperia Z3 offered through Telus would be fully compatible on Koodo's network. You may not have to unlock the device, but don't quote me on that as I'm not 100% certain. http://www.telus.com/en/on/mobility/devices/sony-xperia-z3/?INTCMP=BetaCatalogCard_sony-xperia-z3_CTA_ToDetails As for the tab balance, here's some information on what you can do if you have a positive Tab balance. http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/the-tab-what-it-is-and-how-it-works/can-I-use-my-positive-tab-balance-when-i-upgrade Also, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 10% discount is no longer available. Instead, the 10% discount is built into the new plans.
thanks guys for help..I appreciate it