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Will Koodo price match on cell phone cases?

Hi, I was at a Koodo Shop earlier and they had an Otterbox Commuter for the Moto G for 39.99. This site http://www.gocellular.ca/?item=ot3499 offers the case for 33.99 free shipping. Would Koodo price match this store? Thanks

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They probably would.
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I don't think so, unfortunately. Koodo doesn't have a policy to match the lower price. At least I'm not aware of...
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No especially from a website, your paying for the ease of getting it right away from stores which is worth it since you should have a case on your phone from day 1 IMO
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I know best buy price matches websites. Maybe see if they carry the letterbox for the Moto g?
No Otterbox in black available, they have every other colour 😞