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will koodo match a competitor price for the same phone?

both virgin and fido are offering the nexus 5 for 100 dollars with a 2 year middle teir plan. on the website koodo is 200 dollars

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Virgin forces you take a minimum of $44 plan with that offer. Over 2 years you will pay more than the hundred dollars difference. Almost twice as more as with koodo if you take a $30 plan plus the $5 for a medium tab. If you do need the $44 dollar plan or higher than maybe ahead of the game initially. But there are lots of other things I would take into consideration. http://www.cellphones.ca/cell-plans/carriers/virgin-mobile-canada/#reviews
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Koodo allows you to take a $35 plan for that pricing tier, which means they win in terms of flexibility. However, if you wanted a $45 data plan, then yes it would obviously make more sense to go with the other 2. Virgin has answered this issue with a $35 Gold plan - it matches Koodo's $30 Talk & Text plan + $5 Tab charge for Medium pricing, but allows their "Gold" subsidy tier to get better prices on mid-range priced phones (Nexus 4, S III, etc). But they still don't have the Desire 601 or Moto G so Koodo wins in this department, too. Virgin's lineup is getting stale except for the Xperia M, which is almost Moto G like in quality for the price it's at. I haven't been able to sell Virgin in a while... they keep throwing big.gift card offers around but that stuff only goes so far.