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will i be charged for data usage over wifi usage

I can only connect to the internet when I turn on my data. I cannot browse even tho I am connected to my wifi connection ONLY. Will I be charged for data use when I have a wifi connection?

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If your phone shows that your are not connected to the wifi then you will be charged. If it shows you are connected to the WiFi then you will not be charged
yes I have a wifi connection from my home network but I can't connect unless I turn on the data. thanks
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No worries! You wont be charged if you're connected to Wifi, even if your data is turned on! 🙂
Thanks Guys!!! Have a Great Day!!
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What phone do you have? You must be sure that you are connected to WIFI and not 3G/LTE. Look for an incon on the top bar of your phone
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You shouldn't have to turn on data to access Wi-Fi. As Robert mentioned, if we knew what device you are using, we could troubleshoot the problem further. A word of caution, if you forget to turn off data, or get out of range of the Wi-Fi signal, even for a few minutes, your device will automatically revert to data and you will get charged for data usage.
BB 9300 curve & yes I am connected to my home internet because my username is displayed at the top of my screen on my phone