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wifi calling

  • 25 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Why does wifi calling turn off on it's own and then ask me to set it up again? I live somewhere with no cell service so it's a pain when it goes off I have to drive 40 mins away to set it up again. Why cant the verification be done on self serve or something?

3 replies

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Wifi calling depends on your wifi network. If the wifi network wasn’t good, it might be disconnected.

Regarding the activation, did you change anything to your plan and did you get a new phone? normally it would work fine without reactivation. Btw, which phone are you using?

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I've had the same thing happening on my Android phone I don't know why. It just asked to set it up again

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I noticed wifi calling coming and going all the time with no recognizable pattern.


Sometimes I notice wifi calling is connected.  But right now I notice that wifi calling is not connected, even though my wifi calling is on and enabled.  But I know if will randomly come back on again without the need to reactivate.  The lucky thing is that i am in a good cellular area in my home so it’s no big deal it disconnects for me. :shrug_tone3: