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Wierd Message

  • 4 September 2019
  • 4 replies

When I log in to my self serve account I see towards the top a red stop sign under messages. I click it to see the details and it takes me to my message usage and I owe nothing but it's still red.

Here is the sign...anyone know why I keep seeing it? I owe nothing it says.

I can't understand what it is.

4 replies

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If you click on the "View details" on that red "Messaging" box, what do you see?
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Koodo Self Serve thinks some SMS short codes need a red exclamation mark even if they are free, meanwhile not putting any exclamation marks anywhere for Easy Roam®️ charges.

Also, weird*
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@JustMeAndrew Is the account under your name? @triggered123 may have a point but to prove it we would have to look at your account. Otherwise he maybe just talking to himself.
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may be*


any more*