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Wi-Fi and a flip phone

  • 13 January 2021
  • 3 replies

How do I connect to my home Wi-Fi (unlimited) with an Alcatel OneTouch flip phone?

3 replies

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You can’t, it’s only meant for calling and sending text messages. Time to upgrade to a smartphone :)

Thank you Sophia, although my Alcatel OneTouch does have Internet service that requires Data purchase, I do not use it. My problem is that when a colleague sends a group text message it is transform from SMS to SMM and on my phone it shows a small green envelope icon. When I click on it to open the message it shows that it is downloading, but it does not because then it just disappears. The messages that have the little envelope icon in grey colour I can open and read, but the green envelope and a little M (also green) on the right bottom corner of the envelope I cannot. Also, the provider (Koodo) says that subscribers could use either Data (from Koodo) or Wi-Fi. Since I have Wi-Fi in my house, I thought that I could be able to read my messages (the green ones) using that Wi-Fi.

By the way, you might be right about the Smartphone. All my colleagues have them. :thinking:

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MMS messages cannot be received over wifi, only over cellular data. (The messages themselves do not count toward monthly data usage).