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Why is Koodo Customer Support so terrible?

  • 7 October 2020
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So I got a new phone. It needed a new Sim Card. 


So I got an email to call 611 to transfer my old Sim Card info to New Sim card. 


Ok so I call. But then I have receive a text from the digital assistant to schedule a call with a rep. 


get a call back from a very rude rep.

I was told I had to either pay a fee to let him set it up for me or use self serve on Koodo’s website. 

there was nothing in the email about having to pay a fee. this is very deceptive and bordering on fraud by Koodo. 


Do better Koodo. I’m a long time customer. I will be telling people to stay away from Koodo. 

2 replies

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It’s listed here: https://www.koodomobile.com/en/contact-us?INTCMP=KMNew_FooterLINK_ContactUs_ContactUs

Most changes to your Koodo account can be done for free via Self Serve. If you prefer to have a representative make these account changes for you, service fees may apply.


If you click that, you’ll see how much you will be charged for asking a rep to do for you what you can do yourself in self serve. I’m sorry the rep was rude to you, but they were right that they can charge you a fee….

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Sim swaps on self-serve were suspended for a period to combat fraud but I don't know if it's still a thing or not. That you were emailed and told to call 611 to do it is indeed frustrating when a Rep says you will then be charged. That's a thing you can find on Koodo's site that you will be charged if a Rep does something for you that can be done in self-serve. Unless you can now do it in self-serve I would try again for a callback. Or ask to speak to that person's manager if they're gonna be like that.

Any reason you are switching sims? Does it not fit in your new phone? Is it damaged or not working? You don't need to switch Sim cards when you get a new phone. Koodo just sends Sim cards with all phones to simplify logistics. You can keep it as a backup or throw it out.