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Why is it my cells are not working?

I call yesterday to get a understand of my cell bill. Now my CELL is not working. WHY WAY WHY! My bill is not due until DEC 5 2012.

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It's possible that that your pro rated amount +what you currently own on your bill maxes out your spending cap. Had this happen to me before. Thought I was good, but found out quickly I wasn't. Best bet is to call Koodo back and see what's going on
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If I had to guess you are on a $200 limit. You have unbilled charges that you are not seeing on your bill but yet but you made. If you are on that limit and go over you are cut off. If u r not a limit you may have technical issues.
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...or there is the possibility that it is a phone or a network issue and has nothing whatsoever to do with your bill. Call Koodo, they'll be able to tell you within 5 minutes.