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Why does Koodo have separate SIM cards for prepaid and postpaid?

I'm just wondering what the difference is and why it's necessary to have separate SIM cards. With other phone companies there is just one SIM card, and you activate it however you'd like. What confuses me most about this, is the fact that a prepaid SIM card will work in one of the postpaid phones (I don't know if it works the other way around).

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You're absolutely right. It makes no sense to me. The phones are the same, so it doesn't matter what type of SIM card is in them. Maybe it's because Koodo prepaid was launched after their postpaid service, whereas the other companies have had prepaid for a while? Still, I don't understand it. It's the same network.
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Haley, as long as it's a Koodo phone (or a compatible unlocked phone), it doesn't matter if the SIM used is prepaid or postpaid. There's no physical difference with devices sold as prepaid and those sold on postpaid. You just cannot register a card that was purchased as prepaid on a postpaid account and vice versa. And as Jonathan said, it's confusing as to why this is. I've used mobile providers in 8 countries and none had separate SIM cards for prepaid vs postpaid.