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why do you treat strangers better than current customers?

This company is following, sadly, in the footsteps of their parent company Telus. Their plans have become faaaar worse than they used to offer and they have now removed their tab promotion (15% of monthly bill towards tab) to new customers. I used to tell everyone who asked about mobile carriers about how great this company was. Now they are just another pea in the pod with the companies that work together to offer crappier services for more $$. (try and get their super 6 6GB for 60$ now lol) I will likely stay with Koodo currently as their support is good, and my current plan is far better than what other companies, and Koodo themselves, now offer. But man, what a piss off to get a text saying a phone I don't want is 200$ off, new customers can get 200$ off a phone, yet when I phone to upgrade, they offer me a paltry 25$ lol
But now that I have vented on this wicked awesome message board that appears to do bupkis for changing their company everything will be ok. 100 koodo points!!! yay all is good. I can trade them in for.....
Props to every helpful staff member with Koodo that helps us customers out. To the owners who treat strangers better than existing customers, suck my Kooballs

Best answer by Bernard Koodo 31 December 2015, 20:50

@Brad can you post the text you received from us? Thanks!

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@Brad can you post the text you received from us? Thanks!