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why can't my phone find service?

LG flip phone. No signal for 24 hours. Phone keeps saying Searching for Service. it just died overnight and suddenly won't come back. Also keeps losing power and turns itself off Anybody?

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Is it fully charged? How old is your device? Maybe it is the end of its life?
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I have to agree with Mayumi that the phone is at the end of its existence and is begging you to let it move on to becoming a drink bottle or perhaps an art exhibit. Or a mat for animals (once properly disposed of) If by chance it's under warranty (one year from the date of purchase) contact koodo and arrange for in warranty repair. If its out of warranty consider checking out some of the new phones like the Nokia Lumia 520 or Samsung Galaxy Discover, both are great entries into modern smartphones. If you're not interested in the smartphone, Koodo still carries the lg that you're using