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Who do I call for collections?

  • 30 August 2019
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Which collection agency do I call?
I had a koodo number for about 3 months 6 years ago and thought the balance had been settled. But I've just been to the bank trying to get a loan and apparently I've been sent to collections. What the hell? I've had zero communication from anyone about this!
The company I work for uses a collection agency, so I know the havoc they wreak on people trying to get them to pay. I'm very confused that I have received nothing and only found out when I was denied at the bank.
Who do I talk to to get this sorted out?

5 replies

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No collection agency contacted you?
Have you change your contact info since you left Koodo 6years ago...?
You can try send Koodo PM through FB and ask them about it.
Nothing identifying themselves as a collection, nothing from koodo saying they would be sending me to collections.

I have a new number but my email is the same.
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You can contact Koodo customer service and they'll be able to give you the amount owed and any information on how to contact the collection agency.
If it turns out someone screwed up that wasn't you, you can call Equifax/ transunion and dispute the collections and they'll actually reverse the damage done to your score If they rule in your favor. Just an FYI 🙂
Actually, given that they never attempted to contact you, you may be able to dispute it even if it was you that missed a payment without realizing it. Worth calling if your credit took a hit for it.