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where is my effin lte

Havent had any coverage at home since july second. My 600$ signal booster which use to give me 4-5 bars of lte now gives me 1 or 2 bars of h+. Cant call or send emails further less use my internet.

Husband with telus gets 2 bars lte... why koodo????????? Tower down? Need this fixed asap

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Telus and Koodo use the same towers so it's not on Koodo's end, make sure in your wireless connection settings that your phone didn't accidentally get set to non LTE

First try turning your phone off and on again as well as your repeater
My husband is still only getting 2 bars... instead of 5..
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What phones are you and your husband using? Have you tried to switch your Koodo SIM into his Telus phone?
I live out in the country.. there is a bell tower in another village. That is where we get our coverage.
We need a booster to be able to have a signal in the house.
I have a galaxy 8 with koodo, my son has a i phone with koodo and my husband a Samsung xcover 4 or something like that with telus.

Both my son and i have no lte. Our booster has been working perfectly for over a year. Now all of a sudden we have no coverage or for my husband, very little. We all used to get 4-5 bars everwhere in our house.

This has been going on since the 2nd of july and since then, on 2 different night my lte spiked up to 4 bars. Next morning they were gone.
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Could be a loose wiring connection either at the booster or the cable running from the booster to the antenna. Check that all wire connections to the booster and antenna are secure. If the cellular booster you have has an antenna mounted outdoors, a directional antenna is often paired with these boosters. In rare cases, such as after a severe windstorm, the directional antenna may have moved off target from the tower the antenna is aimed at, which might explain the drop in signal.

Power off the booster, disconnect the antenna coaxial cable from the booster and outdoor antenna and check the cable for continuity. It's possible there may be a break somewhere in the line, which could cause erratic drops in signal. Most electronic multimeters have an ohm setting for this task. A consistent zero reading indicates that the coaxial cable has continuity, meaning no break in the centre copper conductor.

While the coaxial cable is disconnected, inspect where the cable insulation meets the connector at the antenna end. The end that connects to the antenna is outdoors and constantly subjected to heat, cold and moisture. The insulation at the connector may have cracked, allowing moisture to seep in. Moisture will make the braided-copper shielding, found beneath the cable insulation, oxidize, turning it a dull green. Replacing the entire coaxial cable is an option, though replacing the connector is a more cost-effective alternative.

TL;DR If your cellular booster was installed by a professional, have the technician perform a thorough inspection. If everything checks out okay, you can rule out your equipment to be at fault.
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Check to see if you are still connected to that tower and monitor your signal strength. Something may have happened within the line-of-sight between you and the tower. I live in Quebec rural hill country and come summer time, growth of leaves and vegetation is enough to cut my signal from OK within the house to maybe, but only outside on the front porch.


Install Network Cell Info Lite from the app store. Compare your signal inside and outside the house with the booster plugged in and unplugged. If there is no difference, you will have to troubleshoot the booster and installation. Booster frequency has to match tower frequency. Many boosters sold only do 850/1900 Hz, while some Bell rural towers now do LTE on 700 MHz for better range.

May or may not work: in the Network Provider section on your android phone, re-choose your Bell or Telus connection manually. Some non-eligible tower might be stronger and your phone might be locked on to the "better" signal.
Thank you all for the help.. i have less h+ when booster is unplugged. We have tried turning the outside antenna a few times.. no luck.
Coax seems fine. As for the tower frequency matching the booster's, ill have to check that out.. from the link they say my line of sight is good. And i have manually chosen my network provider..

So frustrating...
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Ignore the "bars" and look at the actual dB numbers Cell Info lite (or even your phone if you dig thru the settings).

Not sure from your remarks if husband gets some coverage while you don't. If that's the case, could be a bad SIM or problems with the handset. Try swapping SIMs if they are the same size.
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Is this proof that Koodo is indeed second tier and gets worse coverage than TELUS? 🤔

Did you swap the SIM Cards and see if you get LTE with the Koodo SIM in the other phone?
Db -120 ish..
Husband get 1 to 2 bars lte (-107bd)
Still not good coverage compared to what he used to get but better than i am getting..
Havent tried switching the sim yet with him.. will try that tonight.
But you do get better LTE when your in the village beside the LTE tower correct? If no then yea it's Koodo or something in the network...Otherwise it's your signal booster at home.