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Where are the phone screens on the Koodo website?

Just wondering - is there a reason only the iPhones and Nexus 5 has their actual screens shown? The rest just have "powered with android" and an android logo, or the Koodo logo.

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On the main Koodo mobile page click "more info" on the phone of your choosing. Then click on phone features.
I should have been more clear, I didn't mean the screen specs. I meant the homecreen of the phone while browsing through their phones list (https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html). I just think that it would be more visually appealing to customers to be able to see the homescreen of the phone instead of the same 'powered by android' image. Especially with android phones, each manufacturer's home screen will be a lot different - HTC has Sense UI, Samsung has TouchWiz, and Motorola and Nexus phones are both very similar (using stock android).
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I gotcha I guess in your cicumstance since it's not available on Koodo's site I'd suggest using google. Try searching for "home screen for such and such phone"