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When will the Telus store in Charlottetown, PE have home phone hubs available? Would like to get clear of Bell asap!

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Says it's available in Atlantic provinces. You mentioned a Telus store...is there no Koodo store nearby? My understanding is that it's only available at Koodo stores/kiosks.
Compared to your Bell line, you might pay less, but you'll lose name display on caller ID, won't be able to fax or use dial-up, and your number will not be listed in the directory (white pages). If you have fast internet available, voice over ip is generally a more cost-effective option.
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just a heads up Titan, the Telus store here in St Thomas Ontario does the Koodo home phone, as they do some Koodo services as well.
EDIT - we're a city of 38k, so we don't have a stand-alone Koodo store, and no real mall to put a Kiosk in (but we have TWO Freedom Mobile stores...makes no sense with the lack of coverage here on Freedom).  We have 2 multibrand retailers that sell Koodo (The Mobile Shop and OSL/Walmart Wireless).
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@ Bethany, we have followed up with your local Koodo store and they have restocked and have the hub available. Thanks for your patience!