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When my phone gets turned on with no service will it get my text?

if i text my phone while its off or on airplane mode and I cancel my service to the phone after i send the text, will the phone recieve the text when someone turns it on and off of airplane mode? Lost it at an airport.

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If you canceled your service then there's no way you'll receive the texts you sent. Unless you send those texts before cancelling the service. On the other hand, if it's on airplane mode or closed and you haven't cancels your service yet, the person might receive them when he opens/turns airplane mode off. This is if she hasn't removed the SIM card.
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I don't think the other person will get the message. Because the message is unelivered still. Once the phone comes off airplane mode, it starts searching to establish network signal. The first thing the network will tell it is that it does not have access to the network, no? It won't deliver the message first then be, "by the way, dude, you're cut off". That's my opinion.... but you never know. the airwaves are freaky.