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whats the highest bill at koodo?!

what is the highest a koodo bill can get? i mean isnt koodo solely based on tabs? so is it possible for a phone from koodo to have 600+ dollars in charges??? also is it possible t oget hard copies of deleted text messages? if so how long does it take?

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Sure, it's possible if you go over your usage. The tab is only there to help with purchasing a new phone. To get back text messages, you need a court order and that will only be done if it's for legal purposes. If text messages are deleted, they are gone from the phone with no other way to get them back.
ok well lets say i lost my phone (which i didnt) and i was a dumbass and didnt disconnect it... someone found it and used it for a few weeks. can i charge them? this is happening to a friend of mine (they los theirs) i told them that they cant charge the person bc it was their own stupidity for not reporting it... what are your thoughts. she would like to get the text messages printed out. but ur saying it would have to be ordered by a judge? realisticallly though im thinking she is SOL bc i cant see a judge willing to authoirize that based on her own stupidity... wouldnt it be a waste of the court's time? i suggested she just suck it up she isnt very happy... just trying to show her that im not the only one that thinks this way... so any thoughts would be great
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If she lost her phone, then it's on her to report it as lost so Koodo can suspend the line and flag it. Since she didn't, she's out of luck as she is responsible for all charges that occur. She can attempt to get a court order for the text messages, but I can't see it happening, as it's not a legal action that's taking place. Personally speaking, I agree with you.
PS she seems to think the lawyer can obtain them over night... i told her she will incur more in legal fees than the bill i honestly dont think her lawyer would touch it bc she was too stupid to report it lost JMO
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They won't. Unless those text messages are for a restraining order or anything of that nature. She's pretty much stuck. Just wanting text messages because she lost the phone, nothing will happen for her.
thats what i thought... she is hell bent on charging the person that found her phone... but even so... she cannot prove without a doubt that the phone was in that persons possession i mean ppl use others ppl's phones all the time... she wants to charge the person who found the phone with theft... i keep telling her she doesnt have proof. she has spoken with ppl from the callers list who have implicated someone associated to the phone... but that still doesnt mean she can lay criminal charges right??? i really just want her to see that although it really sux that this happened... she might as well suck it up and move on. thnaks for your input
sorry but do she wants ot know if you are actually familiar with anytihng similar to this ever happening, she just wants to know if your responses are based on fact or strictly oppinion lol
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Unless she can prove that the phone was stolen, she won't get anywhere. It's in her best interest to call Koodo to have the phone flag as lost. This will stop the service on the phone from being used. If she wishes to try and track the person down who is using the phone, that's her prerogative. If she wishes to get the cops involved, then she would need to go to them and enquire about that. I'm not an expert in law, so whether the cops will help her locate her phone or not, is directly up to them.
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If you roam internationally, the damage could be limitless. Let's say you use 1 gig of data in Africa while roaming. 1000 MB* $10/MB = $10,000. Or, more realistically, roaming in the US. 1000MB * $5/MB = $5,000. And that's ignoring texts and calling minutes while roaming.
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She's definitely on the hook for any charges, though, per Koodo's terms of service: Who is responsible if someone else uses my account? You are responsible for your account and for the activities of anyone who uses it. To prevent unauthorized use, you must maintain the confidentiality of the login names, passwords and other identification methods that you use to access your account. If any person makes a claim against Koodo in connection with the use of our service or of any device on your account, you will indemnify Koodo against any loss or expense that Koodo may incur, including any judgment made against us.
oh the cops were notified. she seems to think that she can press charges, but the cop even said she shold have reported the phone as soon as she knew she didnt have it anymore. i dont tihnk she has a case. but she seems to think she does. i just think she is wasting everyone's time including her own but she is hell bent on sticking the phone ot someone else.. it really comes down to her being slack in not reporting the phone imo
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There's nice thing about PC Mobile -postpaid- that I hope other companies adopt. Service is suspended automatically after you hit $250 on your account for all customers. It has nothing to do with credit and it doesn't affect your credit if does get to that point, either - it's simply to protect customers from crazy bills like this.