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what to do after 14 day exchange policy

I got a new phone 22 day ago, I know that I cannot take it back as it is past the 14 day exchange policy, I was just wondering if there is any kind of service or something that they can buy it back?

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No.. Koodo has a phone exchange program but to be honest you will get more privately selling the device. And just paying off your tab! Good luck though 🙂
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Hi Tammy, If you wanted to take the phone back and try to upgrade to another device Koodo may give you some money towards it when you get a new phone as you can trade it in for a credit towards a new phone, although the best thing to do is you can sell it on Kijiji and get more money out of it. Also if you went back to the kiosk or store where you purchased it at you would have the option of paying off your tab there (if you have the money to spare) or have it charged to your next bill. Hope that helps 🙂
thank you guys.
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Tammy Chrest wrote:

thank you guys.

No problem at all, have a good one! 🙂