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What Should I Do? #androidproblems

Hi Koodo Community, I have a few questions for you. So the story is I dropped my beloved Google Nexus 4 in water a few weeks ago at work (worst day of my life) the phone got water damaged in the SIM port and Im pretty sure its kicked the bucket, anyways I'm in search of a new phone. I have a few options... 1 I wait for the Samsung S4 to drop in price when the S5 is released and buy it outright from Koodo or elsewhere unlocked 2 I buy a Samsung S4 or S3 off ebay and unlock it (if i bring the phone to Koodo will they unlock it?) 3 Give me another option lol (Give me advice) I don't have the Koodo Tab because im under 19 or whatever so can't use a visa to pay for a 2 year phone plan (so stupid) so I'm with Koodo prepaid it works for me but its a disadvantage when i want to buy a nice smartphone. I have a birthday coming up in a month so maybe the parents will help me out but as for now I'm a stranded smartphoner. So yea this is my dilemma. I am a smartphone guy and like butter smooth operating systems so I need a phone like the S4, and this time ill get a waterproof case and not be a dumbass. So yea if you have any feedback, its much apreciated.

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What's your budget? What do you need in a phone, except speed? Caveat: I don't know if the prepaid prices vary for Koodo's phones vs the postpaid prices, and if so, I don't know by how much. So I'll do this analysis with the postpaid prices. Given that you are considering an S4, even with a price drop upon the release of the S5, I can't see it dropping much below $400, and you may not see that for a while yet. Koodo offers a Nexus 4 pre-owned for $150 available in store according to their website ( http://goo.gl/5lAucA ), so you'll have to hunt it down. It's a phone you are already familiar with at a great price. Comes with a 1 year warranty. Can't go wrong there. The S3 is $300 and probably won't go much lower, so if that works for you, you can grab that. The Moto G is a very good option, but the one sold by Koodo has limited internal storage. If you have an American friend, you could send them money and ask them to get the 16 Gig model for 200 USD directly from Motorola, unlocked, and ship it to you ( http://goo.gl/8WKHWa ). The best combination of price and quality. A notch above that is Nexus 5. If 16 Gig's of internal memory works for you, it can be had for $350 plus tax and shipping ($411 total to ship to Toronto) off the Google Play store. Great bang for your buck considering the top notch specs it offers. The 32 Gig model is $400 ($468 all in), still great value but more costly. ( http://goo.gl/M7VUhW )
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If you loved your Nexus 4 then I'd say go for the Nexus 5 it's a big step ahead of the Nexus 4 in every aspect especially the display which IMO is one of the best on the market. The camera has been upgraded quite a bit as well although it can be finicky and will take some good shots and then a bad one while taking the exact same shot, but when they come out good they really come out quite nice. It's also the fastest phone on the market with a Snapdragon 800 and pure Android. The only thing that isn't a big upgrade on it from the N4 is the battery but still it is quite a bit better still So you get all that plus you'll still have nearly instant updates like you did with your N4 which is always great and something you really miss once you've had a Nexus device and switched to a non Nexus. Like Humberto said get it from the Google Playstore if your going to be paying full price without the tab anyways. It's a killer price there. If your not going to go with the Nexus 5 the S4 or Note 2 are a couple other good options from Koodo but I would not recommend the S3 at all it really begins to lag after awhile and the battery life isn't the greatest. As far as buying a phone other than the Nexus 5 which is factory unlocked you would get the carrier that sold you the phone or a 3rd party unlocking service to unlock it not Koodo as carriers can only unlock their own phones not ones from other carriers.
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You can get a Tab without a credit card. All you need is a DL or equivalent photo card and your passport, SIN, permanent residence card, etc. You can pay the bill with online banking.

I second the Nexus 5 suggestion, it actually faster and smoother than the S4. The S4 is overrated and Samsung's Touch wiz got too bloated recently. Plus it comes unlocked and you'll get updates faster.