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What's the best set up if I'm looking for a phone primarily just for calling?

I would like to become more of a "phone person" and want to get a phone primarily just for calling. I don't understand why standard pricing seems to be about 25c/min when you can get prepaid long-distance cards for about 4c/min. Is there any fair solution for someone who's not looking for all the fancy features and data? I would be interested to know if there's any set ups that would work using either prepaid plans (though I would be open to non-prepaid plans if reasonable) or unlocked phones. Just looking to explore what my options are, standard or non-standard. Thanks.

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Hi Stephanie,

Here is a cost estimate for the Alcatel A392A that Koodo  offers, it's a basic flip phone with calling and texting capabilities. 

Now, on the prepaid side, the 35$ per-month base plans has unlimited incoming nationwide calling as well as unlimited calling after 5pm, and unlimited texting. Do note however that you would have to purchase additional airtime to place outgoing calls during the day. For the monthly plan shown above, unlimited incoming calling can be added to the plan for an additional 10$ per month as an add-on. For 50$ per month prepaid and monthly plans offer unlimited texting and unlimited nationwide calling, so that may be a better option for you.

For the phone, going monthly allows you to use the tab which would split the cost of the phone into 24 4$ monthly payments to pay off your phone after 2 years. Apart from that, for your needs both monthly/prepaid will come to approximately the same cost.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you