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what number can you call for actual assistance?

  • 7 September 2021
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Koodos call back system is not working. Their calls go directly to my voicemail despite being able to receive calls from everyone else without issue. How can I call and actually speak to somebody today?


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Check on your blocked numbers list if Koodo's number is on there. That actually happens sometimes with people. Especially if it only goes to vm with that one number. We can also help you out here if you like.

It is not blocked. That was the first thing I checked. If I don’t know that it’s an issue anyone here can help with. I need to try to swap the phone numbers on my two lines, and I can’t just swap SIM cards and swap phones. I want to close one of the lines and retain that phone number, while getting rid of the phone number on the one I would like to keep open

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Yes that'll definitely require speaking directly with a Rep.
You can also send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to get it sorted out.
They may say it's not possible…. It's supposed to be though. But a Rep through there may well be able to help.

I have done both and have not received a reply, and need to fix the issue sooner than later as there are a couple calls I’m expecting on the number that is currently connected to a phone on the ocean floor.

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It's a stat holiday and can take time for a reply from a Rep on those platforms.

So you can setup call forwarding for the time being then for those calls you're asking expecting and you don't need to switch numbers. You can just order a new Sim card and do a Sim swap tomorrow even if you go to a store to buy a new Sim card.

So I’m in exactly the same position and out of luck because Koodo decided to make their already atrocious customer service worse. Great. No getting a replacement sim will not solve the issue as I still need to cancel the other line. I appreciate your attempt at helping though.

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Call forwarding in self-serve at leaat allows you to receive the calls, which would cover you as a stopgap until you can get it done. Worst case, you may need to port out the number to keep, and port it back in to the other line. You could even attempt a callback using a different number entirely in the morning.