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What is needed so I can use my Samsung Galaxy 3 in the Philippines. I have international voice roaming, but what is that?

We have this phone and need suggestions about options needed to adapt it to work in the Philippines where we are going for 3 months. Are there any upgrades or add on's that are worthwhile?

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International voice roaming, if I am not mistaken, just means that you are not blocked from joining overseas networks. By default under some plans overseas access is blocked. Philippines used basically European GSM frequency bands, more precisely: http://www.worldtimezone.com/gsm.html Checkout the [b]exact model of phone you have at www.gsmarena.com to be sure that it will work under the frequencies above. It will probably be cheaper for 3 months to unlock your phone and install a local SIM. Local lead: http://www1.smart.com.ph/corporate Your Koodo phone is AT&T-compatible if there are any discussions that mention only US carriers. ____________________ If you see a reply that's helpful, give it a star.
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As Robert said your best bet is to have koodo unlock your phone before you leave than pick up a SIM card in the phillipines. You will get a different number but if you are going to use the phone it will be cheaper. Another way to lower cost is to use your phone in wi-fi. An app like Viber will allownyounto make calls, text at no cost as long as you are doing it through wi-fi.