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What is legal age to sign a cell phone contract?

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Why the mis-information? In Canada, including all provinces and territories, you are an adult at age 18. You can vote, get married without parental consent, sign contracts and so on and so on. So why when it comes to signing a Cell Phone contract, do people insist on writing that, "the leagal age is 18 or 19, depending on your Province"?

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Not sure about others, but when I post that it's from personal experience. 2 cousins on mine in Nova Scotia tried to at 18 and were told they couldn't until they were 19- 1 was Bell the other was Koodo. Though in Montreal my brother at 18 was fine with Rogers. So, judging from those experiences in different Provinces, it does seem to depend on the Province & regardless of the carrier. Not sure if it falls under the same category, but when I worked in retail they had different age requirements for opening a store credit card depending on the Province. If you've had different experiences that fine as I can only speak from my own.
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Hey Stephen, I'm not sure whether or not you're just under the common misconception that the age of majority is the same everywhere but in Canada, the age of majority is actually set and defined by the individual provinces which ranges from 18-19.
There is no misinformation Stephen. You could of easily have googled this. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070815033332AAm2yh1 A Canadian can be bound by a contract entered into before that age but a guardians signature would have been required/ 18 - 19 Age of majority is 18 Alberta Manitoba Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan Prince Edward Island Age of majority is 19 British Columbia Nova Scotia New Brunswick Yukon Nunavut Newfoundland and Labrador Northwest Territories