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What else I need to do after moving my number to Koodo?

Hey! I just moved my number from WIND to Koodo yesterday. Do I need to go to WIND to let them know? or does Koodo take care of all the details for me?

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Once you port your number, it automatically cancels your WIND line. You should expect one more bill from WIND, which will be your last bill.
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When I ported my number over from Rogers, Koodo took care of everything. Rogers sent me one last bill and I was done done done with Rogers.
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I'd just like to add that Koodo doesn't "take care of it", it's all automatic. WINDs system see's the number was been taken essentially and with no number attached, sets the line into cancellation. You can't have active service with no number. So it's not like Koodo calls WIND (or whatever carrier you're coming from) and says "hey, this person left so cancel their account" lol