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Weird Email Problem

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I've got a weird email problem. When I email a picture to my Yahoo account from my Galaxy S2X that I took while the phone is in a horizontal position, it seems to download okay, but it won't open. It keeps giving me the error message: "The file “20130606_xxxxxx.jpg” could not be opened. It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize." However I can send the same file to a different email account and it downloads and opens without any problem so it seems specific to Yahoo. Has anyone ever encountered problem like this?

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What happens when you try to download that same email vertically using your Yahoo account?
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If I've taken the photo with the phone in a vertical position, as if making a phone call, there is no problem. It downloads and opens easily. If the picture was taken with the phone in a horizontal position, that's when there is a problem.
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To update, there must have been a glitch somewhere, possibly with Yahoo email, yesterday. I decided to try to download and open the same pictures today and they all opened up without any error messages. Truly weird.