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Web order complaint

I received a damaged web order, when I opened the box it had a clear scratch/gouge in it. I phoned to get a return slip and order a replacement. The rep told me he would send me one. Then I went on to ask about the bill credit I was given when I ordered the new phone, he said a "note" would be placed on my account. Ok fine. Then he decided to change his tune and demand pictures of the phone damage. I don't have the damaged phone with me, but I did have one photo that I had sent to someone else to show them. The rep then told me he would send me the slip. Then placed me on hold again and came back to say that he wouldn't be sending me the slip and that I damaged the phone!! I even offered to pay the tab balance that was waived so I could in-turn cancel my contract because this is absolute B.S.! He then still refused to send me the return slip that he had already agreed to send me, and refused to let me speak to anyone else.

What do I do now? I don't want this phone. I have no idea what damage happened to it! I'm literally willing to pay the tab balance that was waived to cancel the contract I originally had. I even bought a new case to put on this phone that I now have to return because someone couldn't do proper QA check.

I cannot believe that this is how Koodo treats it's customers!

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Do you have a picture of the damaged phone that you can share here?

By the way, was the phone received in a good packaging? where was the damage from? (shipping/koodo/manufacturer?)
The packaging looked fine. There was actually a small sticker covering the gouge and when I peeled it back, there it was! It was like it was purposefully trying to be hidden during packaging.

I dont have the phone with me currently...but here is the photo I took last night. How in the world would I

even manage to cut into the side of the phone? I don't own magic phone cutting tools!
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What phone was it? Was the sticker transparent? it was kind of strange to see those type of damage in today manufacturing world.

Koodo doesn't manufacture phone. They bought it from the manufacturer and sell it back to customers. If the packaging/shipping was fine, then the issue wasn't from their end.

Anyway, Koodo rep had reasons of not believing you. However you could try again to make claim again as a manufacturer defect. I would suggest you contact them again and ask to talk to a manager about the issue.
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Let me flag this to a rep for you
I have contacted them. I will be supplying them with further photos. All i want is to return the phone at this point. It is 100% a manufacturing issue. Someone definitely tried to hide this by throwing the sticker over it and tossing it in a Samsung box. Definitely not Koodo's fault, but that doesn't matter. They sell the product, it is their responsibility to deal with the manufacturer not mine. And if anyone for once instant thinks accusing a customer, who was so excited to get a new phone, who wasted money on a brand new case, would take the time to dig a deep scratch into the side of their brand new phone that was free anyway is absolutely absurd. But sure... Personally, I don't think a Koodo representative should pass judgement based on one photo anyway. Maybe I'll just have to take my complaints higher and contact the CCTS about how Koodo is handling customer relations.
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Hello there! We managed to track down the account and we see that you spoke with the support team. An investigation started due to the photos sent. Online purchases must be returned via mail and can be initiated by sending us an email to koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com. We’ll send you a self-addressed envelope to ship the phone back to us. Make sure you return the device in 15 days as it's stated on the agreement.
Thank you. I now have the phone in my possession and can provide plenty more photos to show the scratch, with the original protection still on both the front and back of the phone.

Does you message mean you have send the self-addressed envelope already? Or, do I still need to supply further photos?

Thank you.
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Please send an email at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com stating the reason of the return. Don't forget to attach all the photos to the email you send to our support team.
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You need to initiate the return via email in order to receive the self-addressed envelope.
Thank you. I have sent the email.
So I sent subsequent photos of the damage and received an email saying I would not be receiving a return slip because there is no way the damage to the phone I received could have happened in the box. Well this is an obvious statement. I never claimed the damage happened in shipping, or in the box at all. It is clear to me that this likely happened during production or packaging with Samsung. Now, of course I do not know their internal processes, but this clearly should have failed Samsung quality assurance checks. So, now the customer has to deal with obvious manufacturing issues. Koodo is the seller, why is the onus on me as a customer? I do not stand to gain from this situation, and Koodo doesn't stand to lose! This is simply a return to the manufacturer for credit to Koodo. It makes zero sense! And why is the Webstore allowed to be the final judge and jury based on photographs of whether a phone was damaged pre-packaging or not?

This has been such an awful experience that I am tempted to pay the $350 tab balance on the new phone to cancel my contract and move on. What an awful company with disgusting customer service and clearly broken processes.

Does anyone know where/who I can write to regarding official complaints? I have already tried the BBB and will be filing a complaint with the CCTS as soon as possible.

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I wouldnt pay off the tab. I would reply back to the webstore with respect to what you said plus with a link to this post.

I would also simultaneously send a complaint to the CCTS.
I will flag this to a rep one more time to see of they have an alternative solution
Assistance is appreciated. I phoned to ask if there is anything else that can be done, and was placed on hold by customer service representative 25 minutes ago. That rep transferred me somewhere, and I am apparently now back in the que waiting for someone else to speak with.
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Have you tried to contact Samsung? You could file a BBB and CCTS complaints on them also.
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Hi Nicole! I see you had asked to speak to a supervisor so you were transferred into the queue and the rep has promised to follow up today. I will get in contact with the Webstore to further inquire if anything can be done, and I'll let you know. They will open in 1h and 15 min.
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I've spoken to the Webstore team and I've been informed that based on the evidence you presented in the photos, and because our devices are sealed, that kind of damage can only be caused by external factors. Even if you send it back to the inventory, they will evaluate it with even more scrutiny for physical damage, and they'll return it back.