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Since Canada is a multicultural country, welcoming hundreds of thousands of new immigrants and newcomers, I thinks it is a great idea to target this huge market share(immigrants ) and Koodo distinguish it self among the other providers /competitors by establishing "we speak your language system" especially that most of the newcomers facing English/French language communication challenges. If Koodo survey the average of each foreign language speakers in order to figure out the most common foreign languages. e. g Mandarin, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu, etc...I work as a Settlement Information advisor (dealing with immigrants and newcomers) and I see how the languages barriers affect them. For me I see that Koodo doing excellent in regards services, offers, and features so this idea will distinguish koodo from the other service providers.
another advantage of this service that the immigrants will start word of mouth by informing their communities about this service. Koodo can publish its brochures/plan flyers in different languages and hire foreign languages call center speakers. not sure if its worthy to add additional charges for this service for cheap.

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