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Just wondering... If i buy an unlocked phone online and bring it to koodo will ir definitely work? For example the nexus 5! Also do you offer any warrantys in this situation for phones that are not purchased directly from you??

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Yes the Nexus 5 will work because it's pentaband HSPA and Koodo sells it themselves. A bunch of our mobile masters have it. It's not a bad deal on Tab, actually. However Koodo can't warranty a phone that isn't theirs. If you buy the Nexus 5 from Google then you'd have to contact LG/Google to get warranty service.
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Keep in mind that you may have to show original proof of purchase. The only manufacturers (that I know of) that don't require this are Apple and Nokia. If you buy an iPhone, the warranty status could be checked online by the serial number or the IMEI and if it's still under warranty you can deal with your local Apple Store. This is valid for any iPhone model, even those originally sold outside Canada. In Nokia's case, you can also look up the warranty status online, but you'll have to ship out the phone (at your own expense) for warranty repair. This is valid for phones sold in Canada only. Bottom line: if the phone's warranty is very important to you, look into the warranty policy of that specific manufacturer and check whether it's only applicable for Canadian-sold phones. If you end up buying a phone that was originally sold outside of Canada, your warranty may not be valid here.