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Volume for hearing impaired?

It would be nice if you could add an app/something for people with hearing difficulties. It is very hard to find a phone that has enough volume to hear it ring but mainly for conversations! I found one that I can hear ring now but it sounds as though the person is whispering most times(the volume is on loud but it is still not loud enough), if there was some way we could increase the conversation volume that would be great!!? Maybe sometime soon?

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I suppose you could get a small amp and pair it with a headset to increase the volume...
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Maybe try a Bluetooth? Those are directly in your ear so it'll be easier to hear.
If I wear hearing aids blue tooth is not feasible, I do have one but they are not loud enough, I also have head set still no good have to push in so far to be able to hear ... maybe a different shape rather than the round earpiece, as they fall out all the time . Amp idea...that's one more thing to have to carry around that's not very convenient.
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I don't know if it's possible to increase the volume on a phone beyond the manufacturer's preprogrammed maximum without risking damaging or out-right destroying the speaker. My best suggestion would be an extra accessory designed to help you out, like (as already suggested) a headset or amp of some kind.
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There was a similar topic/idea [This topic is no longer open for comments or replies. ] http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/lighting_up_for_special_people
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Here are a few apps that could be useful. http://voices.yahoo.com/5-iphone-amplification-apps-hearing-impaired-11290446.html http://www.audicus.com/blogs/hearing-aids-blog/6071788-the-top-6-mobile-apps-for-hearing-aids-and-hearing-loss